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Brendon Urie ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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all the colors of the street signs
they remind me of the pickup truck 
out in front of your neighbor's house

i love playing our older songs along with newer ones but if all i have is my old stuff, i quit. creating is more rewarding

how'd it get to be only me?
like I'm the last damn kid still kicking
that still believes



Baby, seasons change but people don’t.



I need other people to validate that I am important because I can’t do it for myself.

Anna Ladd, 2013, from the series “Things I Told The Internet, But Didn’t Tell My Mom”, an exploration of our backwards modern concept of privacy.


Hannah Bingohat’s “Get all of this crap out of my room before school starts” Giveaway! such crap. many giveaway. wow.

Okay so I’ve accumulated a lot of double of things over the years and I have too much shit so (These are all Doctor Who and Bandom bc I’m a massive nerd)


  • Panic! at the Disco shirt size medium  (shown above)
  • Take This to Your Grave (shown above)
  • Broadway’s American Idiot shirt size medium (shown above)
  • "Am I more than you bargained for yet?" Fall Out boy shirt size large (shown above)
  • Doctor Who shirt size medium (shown above)
  • From Under the Cork Tree 
  • Nimrod (no case) 
  • Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die
  • Dalek Alarm Clock
  • Broadway’s American Idiot Soundtrack
  • All We Know is Falling 
  • Punk Goes Christmas
  • Doctor Who Yahtzee
  • From Under the Cork Tree
  • The Black Parade (no case)
  • Infinity on High
  • A Fever you Can’t Sweat Out (no case)
  • Pretty Odd
  • Save Rock and Roll
  • Doctor Who series one

(sorry for the lack of picture for the last couple but they are in storage right now) Beside of the lack of cases for a couple CDs (which will be shipped to you in cd protectors) everything is in great condition! Shirts are gently uses and although the picture show a few wrinkles, they will be cleaned and ironed before I send them to you


  • mbf
  • reblogs only likes dont count
  • i can only afford to ship in the us so if you are outside the US and you want to participate you have to pay for shipping sorry
  • you can enter as many times as you’d like but dont spam your follows
  • ill chose a winner via random generator October 1st
  • if you decide you don’t want it all the rest of the stuff will go to a second winner so on and so forth 

*this giveaway is not affiliated with tumblr.com*


8/15 - Las Vegas, NV @ Cosmopolitan #MONUMENTOUR #summerofmusic #jager

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3/? favorite lines from favorite songs ↴

i’ve got a dark alley and a bad idea that says you should shut your mouth (summer song) - fall out boy



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am i macklemore than you bargained for yet?

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